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To support you on your wealth journey, Washington Trust Wealth Management looks forward to helping each of you establish a personalized plan for the specific long- and short-term goals for you, your family, and your legacy. Our advisors will take the time to understand each Propark employee’s unique situation to create a tailored wealth plan to prepare for life’s transitions and help you reach your goals with confidence.

How To Choose A Wealth Advisor

Selecting and building a successful relationship with a wealth advisor doesn’t need to be difficult or overwhelming if you have a sound strategy in place. While the options may seem daunting, we recommend focusing on three core aspects when determining which advisor to select: size, type, and style.

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Your Washington Trust Wealth Team will
1 Work to help you discover and prioritize your objectives
2 Implement a comprehensive, goals-based financial strategy
3 Design a customized and diversified investment portfolio to balance return with risk
4 Employ sophisticated banking and lending solutions to address your daily financial needs
5 Monitor your progress and make recommendations as your circumstances and market conditions change

Information & Resources

We’ve recently held informational sessions for Propark employees to provide an overview of our company, the factors you should consider when choosing an investment advisor, and our financial planning process. Below is more information about our company, as well as helpful articles written by our wealth management professionals

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