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By Washington Trust / July 27, 2021
Now that graduation season has passed, so many young professionals are wondering how to take control of their finances and start building their wealth. Recently, Jennifer Lippin, Vice President, Portfolio Manager for Washington Trust Wealth Management, shared some wealth-building strategies for this year’s crops of recent college grads.

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By Mark K. W. Gim / October 2, 2017
What are the pros and cons of using passive or active approaches for investors, and which is right for you?

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By Mark K. W. Gim / April 24, 2017
As an investor, you may be satisfied with your long-term plan to manage your investment assets, but could find yourself in a financial situation that requires a fast response: an opportunity to purchase real estate, an attractive but time-sensitive business transaction, or an unexpected expense that you need to meet in the short term. Securities-based lending (SBL) may be the right way to access liquidity without the tax consequences of selling investments or changing your asset allocation.

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By Mark K. W. Gim / March 21, 2017
It's important to understand how movements in markets can affect your wealth management goals. Here's a brief summary of some of the effects of rising interest rates on investments, and how your strategies may need to change with the financial environment.

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By Mark K. W. Gim / February 6, 2017
With a new President in office, what will the investment landscape look like in 2017? Here’s what we think so far.

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By Mark K. W. Gim / December 5, 2016
From Brexit, to Presidential elections to interest rates, there are countless changing factors to consider when investing.

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By Mark K. W. Gim / November 7, 2016
Building an investment portfolio is a lot like constructing a house…it takes a solid foundation and a lot of careful planning.

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By Washington Trust / January 7, 2016
Financial markets have had a difficult start to 2016 to say the least. Similar to last August, the proximate cause for the market swoon has been a weakening of the Chinese currency, which in theory is pegged to the dollar. Monetary authorities in China, who are in the process of opening up their economy and financial system, have had little choice but to ratchet the peg lower due to slowing economic growth or risk being overwhelmed by market forces.

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By Washington Trust / December 11, 2015
Are you better off investing in an actively managed account or a passively managed index fund? That question has been the subject of much debate.

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