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Yours, Mine, and Ours - A Couple's Guide to Retirement Planning
By Washington Trust / February 8, 2016
Learn how and why couples should work together when planning and saving for their shared future.

By Washington Trust / January 19, 2016
January is prediction season as every investment house, including our own, gives their market forecast for the next 12-months. Many of their arguments for why investments will go up or down are well laid out based on current facts. Many Wall Street firms today are looking for modest stock market gains in 2016, with concerns over the global economy, a strong U.S. Dollar and rising interest rates as the primary headwinds keeping a lid on growth.

Partridge Snow & Hahn Executive Joins Washington Trust Wealth Management
By Washington Trust / January 15, 2016
Washington Trust Wealth Management announced that Kathleen A. Ryan, Esq. has been named senior vice president, Wealth Management Client Services, Trust and Estate Services. She will join Washington Trust Wealth Management in December from the law firm Partridge Snow & Hahn LLP where she was partner and chair of the Trusts and Estates group.

Perspectives & Planning Winter 2016
By Washington Trust / January 15, 2016
This quarter’s newsletter highlights our annual outlook for the global economy and capital markets. We believe there will be continued moderate growth in 2016, despite some significant headwinds from energy prices and geopolitical risks that will trigger volatility during the year.

Perspectives on the Market’s Volatility - January 7, 2016
By Washington Trust / January 7, 2016
Financial markets have had a difficult start to 2016 to say the least. Similar to last August, the proximate cause for the market swoon has been a weakening of the Chinese currency, which in theory is pegged to the dollar. Monetary authorities in China, who are in the process of opening up their economy and financial system, have had little choice but to ratchet the peg lower due to slowing economic growth or risk being overwhelmed by market forces.

Markets, We Have Liftoff
By Washington Trust / December 18, 2015
Halley’s Comet appears about every 75 years to light up the night sky. While it may seem that long since the last Federal Reserve (the “Fed”) rate hike, it was actually only 9 years before yesterday’s long awaited liftoff. The Fed unanimously voted to increase short term rates by 25 basis points to a corridor rate of 25-50 basis points. We would like to take the opportunity to address several of the questions you may have about the Fed rate hike.

Impact of the Federal Reserve Rate Hike
By Washington Trust / December 18, 2015
As expected, the Federal Reserve at its December 2015 meeting raised the Fed Funds rate (the overnight interbank rate) by ¼% to a range of ¼% to ½%. This was the first rate hike in 9 ½ years. The Fed expects to raise rates by another 1% before year end 2016. By historical standards, this would be viewed as gradual, i.e. a ¼% rate hike every quarter versus a rate increase every six weeks in prior tightening cycles.

Social Security Changes
By Washington Trust / December 16, 2015
In early November President Obama signed the Bipartisan Budget Act of 2015 into law. This act includes key changes to the Social Security claiming rules. These changes focus on the “Restricted Application” and “Voluntary Suspension” rules, which combined create the “File and Suspend” strategy. The changes to the law will be phased in over the next year and are date of birth sensitive.

How Rising Interest Rates May Affect Your Estate Planning Strategy
By Washington Trust / December 11, 2015
Interest rates are a key driver in today's economy and financial markets. They also can have a direct impact on certain estate planning strategies. Wealth holders who plan to transfer assets to heirs or charities via trusts may need to consider how the current upward trend in interest rates could help or hinder their plans.

Points to Consider About Active Management
By Washington Trust / December 11, 2015
Are you better off investing in an actively managed account or a passively managed index fund? That question has been the subject of much debate.

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