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By Washington Trust / January 23, 2017
Halsey Associates, the New Haven, Connecticut based division of Washington Trust Wealth Management, today announced that it has relocated its corporate offices to the 10th Floor, Suite 1006 of One Century Tower at 265 Church Street in New Haven.

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By Washington Trust / January 9, 2017
Washington Trust is pleased to announce that Holly M. Knott has been promoted to the role of Vice President and Wealth Management Planning Officer.

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By Washington Trust / January 9, 2017
Despite a poor start in 2016, both the economy and financial markets shrugged off a string of major political shocks from Brexit to the election of Donald Trump, and turned in a solid performance for the full year. We begin 2017 on an optimistic note. After barely advancing more than 1% in the first half of 2016, U.S. GDP grew at a robust 3.5% annualized pace in the third quarter and likely increased better than 2% in the final quarter of 2016. For the full year, GDP is likely to have grown around 2%, or in line with the trend of recent years.

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By Mark K. W. Gim / January 4, 2017
Are you on target to meet your retirement goals? Half of all American workers don’t know how much money they will need to retire comfortably. A strong financial plan can help you juggle challenges and keep you on track towards meeting your long-term goals. Here are some tips for getting your retirement plan on target.

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By Kathleen A. Ryan / December 20, 2016
With tax season approaching, there are a number of techniques you should consider to help you save on your estate taxes.

By Washington Trust / December 12, 2016
Assets in 529 plans have grown significantly in recent years primarily because parents and other family members have begun to recognize their college planning potential. But there's another side to 529 plans that may appeal to you -- potential estate planning benefits.

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By Mark K. W. Gim / December 5, 2016
From Brexit, to Presidential elections to interest rates, there are countless changing factors to consider when investing.

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By Kathleen A. Ryan / November 21, 2016
Are you certain the family member you’ve chosen as executor has the time and know how to handle the challenges of your estate?

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By Washington Trust / November 9, 2016
Markets dislike uncertainty, and the Trump victory may well lead to a Brexit-like selloff in the S&P 500. Similar to Brexit, however, the selloff may be short-lived depending on Trump’s post campaign messaging and the degree to which Congress is viewed as a countervailing balance against extreme change. After a bitterly divisive campaign, Trump has few friends in Congress and continued gridlock would not be surprising.

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By Mark K. W. Gim / November 7, 2016
Building an investment portfolio is a lot like constructing a house…it takes a solid foundation and a lot of careful planning.

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