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Cyber Security Planning
By Washington Trust / October 19, 2016
Is cyber security topping your list of concerns? Not likely – you might know this needs attention, but cyber security probably doesn’t make your list until something happens. For instance you receive an aggressive phone call from someone who identifies themselves as an IRS agent saying pay up or be arrested, or an e-mail pops up with a suspicious looking link, or a letter from your credit card company arrives in the mail asking you to verify a series of purchases from places you have never been.

Fall 2016 Perspectives and Planning
By Washington Trust / October 17, 2016
How is the U.S. economy performing this year? In this political season, it depends on who you ask and which data you look at. GDP remained sluggish in the first half of 2016 and averaged just 1.0% annualized for three consecutive quarters, including the final quarter of 2015. However, growth has perked up to approximately 2.5% - 3.0% in the September quarter. Overall, we have trimmed our full year 2016 GDP growth forecast to a range of 1.5% - 2.0% growth from a prior range of 2.0% - 2.5%.

By Washington Trust / October 11, 2016
Trusts can be an effective solution for those looking to marry investment wealth with their overall wealth management plan.

Market Volatility: Another Good Reason for a Year-End Review
By Washington Trust / October 11, 2016
A year-end portfolio review provides an opportunity to take a thoughtful look back with a financial advisor before planning ahead. This article will help you prepare to take a closer look at your asset allocation.

Questions to Ask When Drafting an Estate Plan
By Washington Trust / August 11, 2016
Discover why a sound financial plan should include trust and estate planning.

When to Choose a Corporate Fiduciary
By Washington Trust / August 11, 2016
Explore five of the most important elements in deciding between a family member and corporate fiduciary.

By Washington Trust / August 11, 2016
Learn why holding financial assets in a variety of different accounts could have a big effect on the wealth-transfer implications of your overall estate plan.

The Impact of the Brexit Vote
By Washington Trust / July 12, 2016
The impact of the Brexit vote on equity markets was short-lived as investors resumed buying equities a mere 3 trading sessions after the historic vote. The FTSE 100, which consists of large multinational corporations trading in London ended the week following the vote about 5% above pre-referendum levels, and most equity markets rallied back substantially from the lows set in the trading sessions immediately following the vote.

Economic & Financial Market Review and Outlook
By Washington Trust / July 12, 2016
After a soft finish to 2015 and a weak start in 2016, U.S. GDP growth appears to have rebounded in Q2 2016 to 2.5% or better, a welcome improvement from the 1.25% average of the prior two quarters. We continue to forecast 2%+ GDP for the remainder of 2016 and our full year view of 2% to 2.5% growth, accordingly, remains intact. The probability of recession over the next twelve months still appears low, although one could argue, risks are slightly more elevated due to soft global growth and slowing job gains.

Brexit and Where Do We Go From Here
By Washington Trust / July 8, 2016
Over the past two weeks, news and media outlets have flooded our data feeds with news out of Britain and the European Union (EU) over “Brexit”. Prior to the June 23rd vote, equity markets moved higher in anticipation of a “remain” vote, while they sharply corrected after the vote for “Brexit”. The market slide continued the following Monday, and we were then followed by a recovery through last Friday. But what is “Brexit” and what do we know about its potential impact today?

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