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By Washington Trust / October 13, 2017
A series of hurricanes in the third quarter could not derail the U.S. economy which continues to chug along at a moderate rate. Real GDP (GDP adjusted for inflation) is estimated to have increased at just over 2% in the recent quarter. Industrial production took a sharp hit in August and September as Hurricane Harvey shut down much of the petrochemical industry and consumption also suffered. Absent the hurricanes, growth probably would have been closer to 3%, a pace similar to that of Q2.

By Washington Trust / October 13, 2017
According to the U.S. Census Bureau, almost one in five Americans has a disability, and for more than half of them, the disability is severe. In some cases, it stems from issues at birth or a chronic disease. In other instances, an accident delivers immediate and life-changing harm. But in all situations, the disability generates significant financial questions that must be addressed by the individual and his or her family.

Comparing the Pros and Cons of Passive and Active Investing
By Mark K. W. Gim / October 2, 2017
What are the pros and cons of using passive or active approaches for investors, and which is right for you?

 When Your Financial Plan Goes From Mine to Ours
By Kathleen A. Ryan / September 20, 2017
Newly married couples face a number of important decisions that will impact your financial planning together. Here are some steps to get you started.

2017 Market Outlook Update - Q3 Wealth Management Webinar
By Washington Trust / July 31, 2017
A video review and update of the financial market outlook for Q3 2017.

By Washington Trust / July 20, 2017
There has been a major shift in the financial advisory services world and it may alter the way some retirement accounts are managed.

By Washington Trust / July 20, 2017
With summer upon us, our initial forecast from January 2017 for full-year U.S. economic growth now appears aggressive.

2017 Market Outlook Update - Q2 Wealth Management Webinar
By Washington Trust / May 2, 2017
A video review and update of the financial market outlook for Q2 2017.

Leveraging Your Securities to Finance Your Short Term Cash Needs
By Mark K. W. Gim / April 24, 2017
As an investor, you may be satisfied with your long-term plan to manage your investment assets, but could find yourself in a financial situation that requires a fast response: an opportunity to purchase real estate, an attractive but time-sensitive business transaction, or an unexpected expense that you need to meet in the short term. Securities-based lending (SBL) may be the right way to access liquidity without the tax consequences of selling investments or changing your asset allocation.

Perspectives & Planning: Spring 2017
By Washington Trust / April 17, 2017
Despite a preponderance of encouraging economic data, Q1 GDP appears likely to be lackluster and in the vicinity of 1.5%. A weak winter quarter has been more or less the norm in recent years with weather providing a convenient excuse. However, this year’s mild winter leaves us somewhat perplexed. After powering the economy in the back half of 2016 shoppers took a break, as consumer spending has been virtually stagnant in the early months of 2017.

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