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By Washington Trust / July 27, 2021
Now that graduation season has passed, so many young professionals are wondering how to take control of their finances and start building their wealth. Recently, Jennifer Lippin, Vice President, Portfolio Manager for Washington Trust Wealth Management, shared some wealth-building strategies for this year’s crops of recent college grads.

By Washington Trust / July 19, 2021
The economic recovery that began this past spring has remained on track through the early weeks of the summer driven by a successful vaccination effort and an accelerating re-opening of the U.S. economy.

bigstock-Bottle-Bank-Of-Money-And-Seed--245947543 (1).jpg
By Washington Trust / July 19, 2021
The success and happiness of our children are top priorities for most parents. But are we doing everything we can to build a solid financial foundation for the next generation? In a study conducted by FINRA Investor Education Foundation, participants were asked “five questions regarding economics and finance encountered in everyday life,” including compounding interest, inflation, basic investment principles, and the impact the term of a mortgage can have on payments over the life of the loan.

US GDP.png
By Washington Trust / April 21, 2021
With the arrival of Spring, the U.S. economy appears to be well on the way to a full recovery. Economic growth, a very respectable 4.3% in Q4 2020, is poised to accelerate sharply in the coming quarters on the back of rising consumer spending boosted by stimulus payments. We estimate quarterly GDP growth on an annualized basis could reach the low double digits by mid-year, while full year 2021 growth could well exceed 7%, the strongest growth since the early 1980s.

By Washington Trust / April 21, 2021
Everywhere there are signs of Spring, from buds appearing overnight on trees to birds chirping. Spring is when we clean, straighten, and organize our houses. And it’s also a great time for some financial spring cleaning to make sure your financial situation is in order and your information safe and secure from theft or fraud. This is especially relevant as we re-enter a more “normal” environment and begin to venture out to stores, dine out, and travel. Fortunately, some basic steps can help you get organized and safeguard your finances.

By Washington Trust / February 10, 2021
Caregivers and loved ones of individuals on the spectrum often find it difficult to plan for their future. Many function as de facto DIY caregiver, and have to be hyper-focused on the immediate present, dealing with day-to-day issues and trying to avoid or handle crises and flare-ups. It also can be difficult to predict what might be necessary for the future, since the impact of ASD can change over time, and the range of needs and challenges vary widely.

By Washington Trust / January 20, 2021
2020 is now, thankfully, history. While the human toll from COVID-19 has been staggering, the economic damage has not been as great as initially feared. The Federal Reserve now forecasts that full year 2020 GDP will have declined by 2.4% from 2019 , less than the drop in 2008 during the Great Recession.

By Washington Trust / January 20, 2021
Though vaccines have been approved and are being distributed, the pandemic seems far from over. Legislation signed into law on New Year’s Eve included some COVID-19 related provisions. But despite the fact that the pandemic is not over, most of the pandemic-related tax provisions that benefited our clients last year have ended.

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By Washington Trust / January 7, 2021
Democrats will control the White House, U.S. Senate and House of Representatives for at least the next two years following victories in Georgia’s Senate runoff elections. Although the Democratic majority is thin, a substantial portion of President-Elect Biden’s and the Democratic Party’s political agenda has the potential for implementation. On balance, we expect a positive near-term impact to U.S. economic growth.

By Washington Trust / December 10, 2020
As we approach the end of the year, it's a great time to do a financial check-up and review your investment portfolio while there is still time to make adjustments, if needed. It is important that you have strategies in place to plan for your investments, retirement and tax impact to avoid any tax bill surprises, penalties or liabilities. Now is a great time to evaluate your own financial situation to see if there are adjustments you can make to improve your financial standing.

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